DIY: 2 in 1 Flower Accessories


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Spring summer is just the best time for us to wear something flowers and cute. Shirt and skirt are too mainstream on flowers abstract. So, how about flowers accessories? A flower necklace, or maybe a flower crown? Usually when it comes to this girls always be dilemma which one to use for.

So here I made myself a ‘2 in 1’ flowers accessories which could brighten up our style for this season. It’s a flowers accessories which can use in two different ways. First, you may use it as a crown and second you may use it as a cute necklace.


It’s quite expensive if we buy this new accessories at store. If we can made it by ourselves with so many type of flowers that we love to put on and even with small budget, why should we buy expensive at the store, right? So, these is how I made it.

These are the items what needed.


Artificial flowers


Green soft wire




unused necklace

DSC_1222 copy

and scissor

Firstly, take the unused necklace and the twine. Just twist the twine around the necklace and let the twine longer than the necklace.


At the end of it at the both side of the necklace, tie off the twine, so the twine will stay right by the necklace.


Next, put away the necklace for a while and let’s choose the flowers that we want to use and pull off the flowers from the twig.


Then, twist the flowers around the necklace and tie it with the soft green wire. Repeat it at a few part of the necklace and the flowers part.


Put around flowers and leaves together so it will looks beautiful and gorgeous.


After that, take a measurement of ribbon and twist it around. This is just an option to make it more lively.


Finally, it’s done! Cheap and easy to look gorgeous and beautiful for spring and summer. You may use it as a crown,


And even as a beautiful necklace. So, what’s are you waiting for? Let’s made it lovely brighten up our outfit. Cheers!



The Fishtail Braid


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Fishtail braid is a hairstyle which looks like a fishtail. Fishtail braid is suitable for casual or even formal.

A fishtail braid resembles a French braid in its smoothly woven appearance, but divides the hair into only two sections instead of three. This style was called the “Grecian braid” in the 19th century.


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Kim Kardashian Celebrity Beauty With Fishtail braid hair is suitable for use at the time Valentines Day

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Sometimes we are so questioning how to manage our hair when we become bored with only just let the hair untied. So, fishtail braid is a lovely and a cute hairstyle for us to try because its like an accessory to our hair to light up our style. Maybe add up some feather or fancy hairpin to make it more lovely.

This is a basic step how to make a fishtail braid.


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To make a fishtail braid is so easy and fast. Below this is a video of the tutorial how to make fishtail braid by Kristin Lauren from Youtube if you still don’t get it on the above photos steps. So take a look on it and have your fishtail braid at anytime you want. 🙂

Summer is coming.Wear Your Cat Eye & Round Sunglasses!

Summer is coming soon,girls!


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Have you seen or owned cat eye or round sunglasses? As nowadays, the trend of wearing cat eye and round sunglasses is on hit, so why not have one. Cat eye sunglasses is the sunglasses which is shapes like the eye of cat.

According to wikipedia:

Cat eye glasses are a form of women’s eyewear. They are horn-rimmed glasses with flared outer edges where the arms join the frame. They were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among fashionable women and are usually associated with the Beehive hairstyle. They preceded the large bug-eye sunglasses of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Notable wearers of cat eye glasses were: Marylin Monroe, Barbara Windsor,Dinah Manoff, Lisa Loebb, Samantha Arsenault, Mary Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Amy Lame, and Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage, amongst others.


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Katy Perry to Host Teen Choice Awards

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Cat eye sunglasses is suitable to cheer up your summer with style. If you want to have one of this, make sure it have filter out 99-100% of UVA and UVB light, so it will protect you from direct sunlight and avoid you from any risk on your eyes.


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While the round sunglasses is really on trend nowadays. The round sunglasses is like a vintage sunglasses which may makes you look classy and style. Round sunglasses also was called as teashades or also sometimes as John Lennon glasses. Its were a type of psychedelic art wire-rim sunglasses that were often worn, usually for purely aesthetic reasons, by members of the 1960s counterculture, as well as by opponents of segregation.


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Icons which famous wore teashades such John lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. Recently, actress and fashion icon Mary-Kate Olsen and pop music singer Lady Gaga have been seen wearing several variations of teashades. Howard Stern was also known for wearing teashades in the early to mid 90’s and never taking them off in public.


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So let’s have our best summer with these sunglasses as nowadays it comes out with many colours, sizes, and brands.

Summer Beauty

Hello everyone!


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As we all know that summer is just around the corner! So, usually when summer arrived will be spend ourselves by the beach, enjoying the sunshine, and hot summer. But are we really taking care on our skin from direct sunlight?


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Did you know that exposure to sun causes most of the wrinkles and age spots on our faces? Did you know that direct sunlight to the skin will cause our skin so dry? So for these problem, we need to avoid it before it’s happened to us.

This video will show us on how to protect our skin from direct sunlight and even we looks natural beauty by the beach. So, enjoy it!

Sexy Pink

Hot red to the Glossy Pink. Pink always make girls look sexy, cute, hot, elegant, feminine, and adorable. Pink never failed to make girls to be cute. Not only by wearing pink outfit, pink handbags, pink stiletto, and pink nails, but also nowadays the trend in pink goes to basic make up we need each day which is lips.


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Absolutely applying glossy striking pink lipstick making girls looking so hot, sexy, confident, cheer, and brave by trying the striking colours on our make up needs.


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4-10-11 lips a

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Pink lipstick add up contrast on the girls faces and looks younger and better. It’s kind of boring when everyday we have the same colours on our lips. Sometimes we need changes to make us look more elegant and versatile by upgrading our taste in make up.


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So, grab your pink lipstick and apply it proud and be brave to be the avant-garde.

Liquid Eye Liner Tutorial

Hello, girls!

So, for today, I would like to post on about eyeliner that we usually use for everyday basic needs when we want to apply our make up. Usually when we get rush on time, we need to be quickie but in the same time we don’t want to be out without make up right? So when we get in rush, usually our make up will be in quickie too and even we don’t realised that our eyeliner is so messy until someone told us about it. It’s quite shame for that.

So, here is a tutorial video about Easy Ways to Use Liquid Eyeliner by Michelle Phan which might show you the easy and fastest way too to apply your liquid eyeliner without mess it up.

Then, what are you waiting for? Check it out.


“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren’t.” -Marilyn Monroe

Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Let’s get ourselves to Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion back everybody!


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Rock ‘n’ Roll is a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s, primarily from a combination of African American blues, jump blues, country, jazz, and gospel music. Though elements of rock and roll can be heard in country records of the 1930s, and in blues records from the 1920s, rock and roll did not acquire its name until the 1950s.

From that, there was the time that Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion has invented to the world. Rock ‘n’ Roll has become the eye catchy fashion nowadays.

taylor momsen

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rock and roll style (2)

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Polka Dot,baby!

Oh, polka dot!

Polka dot is define as a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles, generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters. Polka dots are most commonly seen on children’s clothing, toys, and furniture, but they appear in a wide array of contexts. Nowadays, polka dot not only see on children and etc only, but also into women highly fashion.


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Polka dot has come widely into women fashion in many variety such accessories, clothing, shoes, and handbags. Polka dot bring into fashion make it look like cheerful, and cute because we all know that polka dot comes from clown outfit but its not going to be clown at all. 🙂

So, lets polka dot – polka dot!



“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Oxford is shoe fashion where mostly the original where by man. But fashion is go beyond today by making it fit into woman feet size even Cinderella can have one. Oxford shoe is became wide and wide into fashion of woman.


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An Oxford is a style of laced shoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp, a construction method that is also sometimes referred to as “closed lacing”. Oxfords first appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they are occasionally called Balmorals after the Queen’s castle in Scotland, Balmoral. Most shoe stores in U.S. will refer to Oxfords as bal-type opposed to blucher-type. In France, Oxfords are better known under the name of Richelieu.-wikipedia


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Oxford can be wear in formal or even in casual for todays fashion victim. The materials of the Oxford also has become wider and wider not only depends on leather. Oxford is kind a perfect nice shoe to wear on for girls. It make girls looks brave and confident.


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Oxford not only comes in flat shoes nowadays. But even they come into heels which make girls look classic and vintage one and avant-garde.

So, wear your Oxford and shake and conquer the world, girls. 🙂

DIY: Dip Dye Ombre Jacket


Quite a week I’m not posting anything. So today I would like to post on about new DIY which is quite high in trend nowadays. The Dip dye ombre jacket. Oh,I’m in love with this DIY. So, here are the procedure for you to try it home within a few minutes or maybe an hour. It’s easy, cheap and style.


This is the denim white jacket that I bought at Bundle for only RM5 equals to 1.60 US dollar.I cut the sleeve off as the sleeve is not in good condition. So I want to add more colours on it as the colour is so dull.

Firstly, all you need are these items. Salt, fabric dye (more prefer Dylon) tablespoon and pail or any bucket.2

And not to forget, a pair of gloves!


Second, fill in your pail/bucket with warm water. The measurement of the level of the water is depend on you. I used only 1/4 of the pail.


Third, put on your gloves as it protects your hand from chemical things.


Forth,fill in the fabric dye into the warm water. I start with bottom part colour chose which is pink flamingo. The amount of the fabric dye is depends on you. The more you put it, the more contrast the colours. (Ignore my cat over there)


Fifth, take 4 tablespoon of salt into it.


Sixth, stir the mixture well.


Seventh, dip and dye the part of the jacket that you want the colours to be. Let it soak for a few minutes. So the colours will be well paste into the jacket. Then wring out with hands.


Eight, repeat the steps to make the mixture for second colour which I chose for the green nature.




Ninth, dip the part that you want the colours to be. Let it soak for a few minutes depends on how you want the colours to be. Light or contrast maybe. Then wring out the jacket with your hands and rinse it with cold water.


Tenth, wash it with washing machine as its to make the colours stay. When the machine done their job, hang it out under the blue sky and bright sunshine and you’ve done!


Ta daa!So this is the dip dye ombre jacket that I’ve made. I love it and I want to make more and more with shorts or maybe denim pants. It only cost me RM29/9 US Dollar rather than bought it at shop which cost about RM150 and above.So, try it!


p/s: if you have any suggestion or question regarding this post or maybe other post, may comment on me. See ya!