Happy New Year 2016

After quite a long time, I’ve no time to update my own WordPress. Honestly, it’s not about lazy but it’s because of when I am working as web writer cum online writer, it’s like I’ve been real busy updating those my works. So that, it makes my time to update my own WordPress less.




Round up 2015, I’ve been through for so many ups and downs in my life. Got a job at my last intern company as a web writer, travelled to Bali for 3rd time (which I considered my second hometown because it fits my soul) , been to Rainforest World Music Festival 2015 (which is a great cultural performances from all around the world), been to Koh Samui for a media trip with AirAsia and so many wonderful things that happened in my life. I appreciate  and thank of all those moments whether it sad or happy because that makes me more matured.


Jump into 2016, a happy new year to all of us. What i hope and dream for this new 2016 is I hope God will gives me a strong and healthy body, get a new job which bring me happiness in doing it, get marry with my love baby (Ozy Dozzy) and travel a lot and a lot.


Happy New Year to all of us! May every dream of us be achieve in success! Bless!



Fashion,Celebrities,Lifestyle and what’s more?


Image: nicolemg14.wordpress.com

It’s been ages for me not to update my WordPress account, so here I am.Back in account!

I’ve been blessed to be graduated now from my Bachelor in Communications (Journalism) (Hons). As far we know nowadays, fashion, celebrities, entertainment, lifestyle plays the important role in our life and world. I’ve even been created my WordPress account all and all about fashion updated beyond worldwide. Doesn’t matter in Europe, Western countries, SouthEast Asia, we share it all.

So, here I’m humbly to present the website for you to gain and might know on fashion,celebrities,lifestyle informations, tips in maybe a different language to each one of us but  we can even might added it to our life for a new language to learn for. So,let’s check it out!Beyond and fly!