The Solemnization

The fact is, it’s not my solemnization, but it’s my brother (Praying for my turn next year with my Ozy). May 2nd, 2016, with bless and peacefully chill small ceremony, my blood brother was just tied the knot with his loves one.


I mentioned above ‘blood brother’ because thats mean he is my real siblings to mine as my family is a bigger and complicated kinda. Which mean, I have 2 fathers and 2 mothers. But for real, of course the only Ibu and Ayah. Nothing else matters.


I remembered the day I had a conversation with my brother where he told me about getting married with his girlfriend. Asked for my opinion whether to get married first before he leaves for New York or just make it after he back home. But for sure I was telling him to get married first (because I want to be the next. lol) No lah! Of course I want the best for him and his life in next future.


After months by months, I heard nothing from him about any plans to get hitched. But right a month before he’s going to New York (for art gallery meeting) he said to my mom about the plan. It’s like a real squeeze timing to make the preparation and all. But finally, Alhamdulillah, everythings went well.


The moment he was grabbing the Ustaz hands to start the Akad Nikah, honestly, my heart was pumping fast while videoing the big day moment. With 1, only 1 time, he’d made it! Bravo!



Hoping the best for him and his wife which is my new sister in law for next future and the rest of their life. May their marriage be bless by Allah and stay blooms forever.

*P/s : I wrote this post because I kinda have the mood to write again on my own WordPress, rather than only write on my working website.