DIY: 2 in 1 Flower Accessories


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Spring summer is just the best time for us to wear something flowers and cute. Shirt and skirt are too mainstream on flowers abstract. So, how about flowers accessories? A flower necklace, or maybe a flower crown? Usually when it comes to this girls always be dilemma which one to use for.

So here I made myself a ‘2 in 1’ flowers accessories which could brighten up our style for this season. It’s a flowers accessories which can use in two different ways. First, you may use it as a crown and second you may use it as a cute necklace.


It’s quite expensive if we buy this new accessories at store. If we can made it by ourselves with so many type of flowers that we love to put on and even with small budget, why should we buy expensive at the store, right? So, these is how I made it.

These are the items what needed.


Artificial flowers


Green soft wire




unused necklace

DSC_1222 copy

and scissor

Firstly, take the unused necklace and the twine. Just twist the twine around the necklace and let the twine longer than the necklace.


At the end of it at the both side of the necklace, tie off the twine, so the twine will stay right by the necklace.


Next, put away the necklace for a while and let’s choose the flowers that we want to use and pull off the flowers from the twig.


Then, twist the flowers around the necklace and tie it with the soft green wire. Repeat it at a few part of the necklace and the flowers part.


Put around flowers and leaves together so it will looks beautiful and gorgeous.


After that, take a measurement of ribbon and twist it around. This is just an option to make it more lively.


Finally, it’s done! Cheap and easy to look gorgeous and beautiful for spring and summer. You may use it as a crown,


And even as a beautiful necklace. So, what’s are you waiting for? Let’s made it lovely brighten up our outfit. Cheers!