“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Oxford is shoe fashion where mostly the original where by man. But fashion is go beyond today by making it fit into woman feet size even Cinderella can have one. Oxford shoe is became wide and wide into fashion of woman.


Photo credit: http://www.tumblr.com

An Oxford is a style of laced shoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp, a construction method that is also sometimes referred to as “closed lacing”. Oxfords first appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they are occasionally called Balmorals after the Queen’s castle in Scotland, Balmoral. Most shoe stores in U.S. will refer to Oxfords as bal-type opposed to blucher-type. In France, Oxfords are better known under the name of Richelieu.-wikipedia


Photo credit : stylemebyshira.blogspot.com


Photo credit: http://www.cablecarcouture.com

Oxford can be wear in formal or even in casual for todays fashion victim. The materials of the Oxford also has become wider and wider not only depends on leather. Oxford is kind a perfect nice shoe to wear on for girls. It make girls looks brave and confident.


Photo credit: fusiontampabay.blogspot.com


Photo credit: http://www.luuux.com


Photo credit: http://www.fashionodor.com


Photo credit: http://www.teen.com

Oxford not only comes in flat shoes nowadays. But even they come into heels which make girls look classic and vintage one and avant-garde.

So, wear your Oxford and shake and conquer the world, girls. 🙂


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