Quite a week I’m not posting anything. So today I would like to post on about new DIY which is quite high in trend nowadays. The Dip dye ombre jacket. Oh,I’m in love with this DIY. So, here are the procedure for you to try it home within a few minutes or maybe an hour. It’s easy, cheap and style.


This is the denim white jacket that I bought at Bundle for only RM5 equals to 1.60 US dollar.I cut the sleeve off as the sleeve is not in good condition. So I want to add more colours on it as the colour is so dull.

Firstly, all you need are these items. Salt, fabric dye (more prefer Dylon) tablespoon and pail or any bucket.2

And not to forget, a pair of gloves!


Second, fill in your pail/bucket with warm water. The measurement of the level of the water is depend on you. I used only 1/4 of the pail.


Third, put on your gloves as it protects your hand from chemical things.


Forth,fill in the fabric dye into the warm water. I start with bottom part colour chose which is pink flamingo. The amount of the fabric dye is depends on you. The more you put it, the more contrast the colours. (Ignore my cat over there)


Fifth, take 4 tablespoon of salt into it.


Sixth, stir the mixture well.


Seventh, dip and dye the part of the jacket that you want the colours to be. Let it soak for a few minutes. So the colours will be well paste into the jacket. Then wring out with hands.


Eight, repeat the steps to make the mixture for second colour which I chose for the green nature.




Ninth, dip the part that you want the colours to be. Let it soak for a few minutes depends on how you want the colours to be. Light or contrast maybe. Then wring out the jacket with your hands and rinse it with cold water.


Tenth, wash it with washing machine as its to make the colours stay. When the machine done their job, hang it out under the blue sky and bright sunshine and you’ve done!


Ta daa!So this is the dip dye ombre jacket that I’ve made. I love it and I want to make more and more with shorts or maybe denim pants. It only cost me RM29/9 US Dollar rather than bought it at shop which cost about RM150 and above.So, try it!


p/s: if you have any suggestion or question regarding this post or maybe other post, may comment on me. See ya!


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