As we see longboarders, our mind automatically figure out about summer as most of the longboarders around the world would style in summer theme.  Longboarding is an extreme game which actually different with skateboarding but its more similarly with surfing. So as we know surfing is referring to the beach or ocean, so that’s why most of the longboarders might be in summer fashion as most of them were the ocean surfer.

Longboarders relates more towards surfing, so then they mostly got sponsored by surfing company brand such Roxy, Quiksilver, Ripcurl and Billabong which all of these are the famous brand bringing their beach and summer style.

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Shortpants, box shorts, sleeveless, sandals, bikini and other beach stuff mostly the trend in longboarders especially for girls.


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Most of us questioning how they even wearing shorts while longboarding because its such an extreme games and might getting injured due to not fully cover their body. But actually the way they bring their summer outfit is to make them easy to carve longboard on the road or skate bowl as their body not wearing heavy outfit and not to much.


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The important parts just the safety helmet and paddling as well as keep playing in the safe condition while even bringing the summer fashion alive.


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