Ever thought about getting a tattoo but you just can’t?

Make your dream comes true with just clicks away! Stylize your body with tattoo of your choice with digital editing. This is what we call a digital fashion!.

What you need to make this happen is a software called Adobe Photoshop and tattoo design photo of your choice.

This is how we do it.

1. Find a tattoo design of your choice. You can google it. Best image you can use is an image with no background on it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 3.46.59 AM

2. Open Adobe photoshop – New – Rename your file – Ok.




3. Drag your tattoo image to ‘paper’ ‘stage’ or work station.


4. You are going to crop your image. Choose MAGIC WAND TOOL. ‘if you manage to find a design with white background’ or you can use ‘PEN TOOL’ which might be a little hard to crop. For PEN TOOL you have to draw all the way around your image like so… press COMMAND + SHIFT + ENTER to select your image and COMMAND + SHIFT + I to select to reverse select your image.




5. After you finish cropping your image press DELETE so you’ll left with just your image.


6. Drag a photo of your self, best with the one that showing a lot of skin. And resize your tattoo image to places of your choice.




7. Then choose OVERLAY and practically you are DONE!.




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