Everytime we see fur things, automatically we will think about animals such fox, cat, rabbit, tiger, lion, and many more. So when its fur comes into fashion, it sounds like where the fur comes from and made into clothings? When we hear it comes from animal base, it sounds not good as it’s been as animal cruelty and even its lead to the extinction of animals without we even notice about it as we enjoy buying the fur nice warm clothes. But it’s actually killing and abuse animal without pity and mercy.

When we buy the fur base of clothing from animal, it’s considered like we are also killing the animals on this earth. It’s cruel and unforgivable. It’s sad to see when animals being shot, hang and even some been ripped alive to take their fur to make clothes as to make us warm and make people satisfied with their wants. Animals becomes the fashion victims. How cruel is that? So as to save lives, we must aware all about what we wear, where it comes from and how it was made.

Faux fur, the imitation of fur help to save lives and even keep us warm.


Photo Credit: blog.petaasiapacific.com

ming-xi-fur (1)

Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com


Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com

Faux fur or easy to figure out is the fake fur which is the imitation of fur can help to save lives of animal. So whenever we buy fur things, we need to confirm it first  as the faux fur and not from animal fur. As we aware of it, we will even look style in fur fashion and at the same time we even save lives of innocent animals.


Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com


Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com

A-faux-fur-jacket-lgn (1)

Photo Credit: http://www.elle.com


Photo Credit: angelvancouver.com

Many would ask how to differentiate between faux fur and real fur as both of them looks so much the same. So, here is the link which might help us to differentiate both of them. Take a look on it.


Be Fashion with Mercy


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