‘The Jail Stripes’. Sounds scared but it’s the hottest one in fashion trend 2013 spring now. So first of all, what about stripes? When we go beyond on fashion around us, everywhere we’ll see fashion. Polka Dot, Stripes, Leopard, and many more. So this one let’s we think about fashion on ‘jail’ stripes as it comes into our new fashion nowadays and it’s even quite nice and more up-to-date with new trend and elegant outfit to wear on.


Photo credit: http://www.thestylemogul.com

Stripe is a design where it’s can be vertical or horizontal. The stripes usually come with two different colors such black and white, red and white, and others which is contra.


Photo credit: http://www.elbowsandkneesblog.com


Photo credit: http://www.fashionising.com


Photo credit: street-fashion.net


Photo credit: cristinahh.wordpress.com


Photo credit: http://www.tumblr.com

We can wear it in formal or even casual. The stripe may make us look elegant but its depend on how we wear it and the style of the outfit. In 2013 spring collection, the hottest way to wear stripe is with the black and white stripe. It looks so hot and even eye catching.

Some say the black and white stripes might make us looks like a prisoner, or even a soccer referee but it’s all depends on how we pick the style of the cloth and how we wear it.

1 (1)

Photo credit: http://www.summerlisten.com

Take these words for styling up with jail stripes.

“When paired with the right pieces, stripes can really enhance your figure and keep you looking up-to-date. On the runways this season, designers were mixing wide and thin stripes or pairing stripes with florals; such matchups generally don’t work for day-to-day looks. The key to wearing stripes in the real world is to always wear just one print matched with a solid. For example, a vertically striped blouse looks great with white trousers or jeans. Vertically striped pants or skirts can make you look taller and in style when worn with a solid-colored tee. For dresses, avoid horizontal stripes that widen your shape — unless you have a boyish figure and need to create some curves.”

Read more: How to Wear Stripes – Marie Claire

I dare to wear it. so do you? 😉


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