Fur Into Fashion


Everytime we see fur things, automatically we will think about animals such fox, cat, rabbit, tiger, lion, and many more. So when its fur comes into fashion, it sounds like where the fur comes from and made into clothings? When we hear it comes from animal base, it sounds not good as it’s been as animal cruelty and even its lead to the extinction of animals without we even notice about it as we enjoy buying the fur nice warm clothes. But it’s actually killing and abuse animal without pity and mercy.

When we buy the fur base of clothing from animal, it’s considered like we are also killing the animals on this earth. It’s cruel and unforgivable. It’s sad to see when animals being shot, hang and even some been ripped alive to take their fur to make clothes as to make us warm and make people satisfied with their wants. Animals becomes the fashion victims. How cruel is that? So as to save lives, we must aware all about what we wear, where it comes from and how it was made.

Faux fur, the imitation of fur help to save lives and even keep us warm.


Photo Credit: blog.petaasiapacific.com

ming-xi-fur (1)

Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com


Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com

Faux fur or easy to figure out is the fake fur which is the imitation of fur can help to save lives of animal. So whenever we buy fur things, we need to confirm it first  as the faux fur and not from animal fur. As we aware of it, we will even look style in fur fashion and at the same time we even save lives of innocent animals.


Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com


Photo Credit: streetpeeper.com

A-faux-fur-jacket-lgn (1)

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Many would ask how to differentiate between faux fur and real fur as both of them looks so much the same. So, here is the link which might help us to differentiate both of them. Take a look on it.


Be Fashion with Mercy

The Jail Stripes

‘The Jail Stripes’. Sounds scared but it’s the hottest one in fashion trend 2013 spring now. So first of all, what about stripes? When we go beyond on fashion around us, everywhere we’ll see fashion. Polka Dot, Stripes, Leopard, and many more. So this one let’s we think about fashion on ‘jail’ stripes as it comes into our new fashion nowadays and it’s even quite nice and more up-to-date with new trend and elegant outfit to wear on.


Photo credit: http://www.thestylemogul.com

Stripe is a design where it’s can be vertical or horizontal. The stripes usually come with two different colors such black and white, red and white, and others which is contra.


Photo credit: http://www.elbowsandkneesblog.com


Photo credit: http://www.fashionising.com


Photo credit: street-fashion.net


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Photo credit: http://www.tumblr.com

We can wear it in formal or even casual. The stripe may make us look elegant but its depend on how we wear it and the style of the outfit. In 2013 spring collection, the hottest way to wear stripe is with the black and white stripe. It looks so hot and even eye catching.

Some say the black and white stripes might make us looks like a prisoner, or even a soccer referee but it’s all depends on how we pick the style of the cloth and how we wear it.

1 (1)

Photo credit: http://www.summerlisten.com

Take these words for styling up with jail stripes.

“When paired with the right pieces, stripes can really enhance your figure and keep you looking up-to-date. On the runways this season, designers were mixing wide and thin stripes or pairing stripes with florals; such matchups generally don’t work for day-to-day looks. The key to wearing stripes in the real world is to always wear just one print matched with a solid. For example, a vertically striped blouse looks great with white trousers or jeans. Vertically striped pants or skirts can make you look taller and in style when worn with a solid-colored tee. For dresses, avoid horizontal stripes that widen your shape — unless you have a boyish figure and need to create some curves.”

Read more: How to Wear Stripes – Marie Claire

I dare to wear it. so do you? 😉

Oh My Pants!

Well, Hello! Why ‘Oh My Pants’ ? This is because of I want to sell my pre-loved pants. As it’s called pre-loved, but why I want to sell even its all in good condition right? Blame my fat, noooo! I can’t fit them anymore and even I decide not to loss my weight again. So I take decision to sell them out.  They are all still in good condition, and all in petite size. Take a look on these three pre-loved pants and comment me if you want it. xoxo- AnaDozzy

Rock Lips shortpant 


size S

good condition





Cut jeans


size S

good condition




MANGO skinny jeans

Soft pink/beige


size S

good condition.never been used.




Spring Mix n Match

Hello! So today let me fulfill my promise in the last post of ‘Bonjour Spring’. As arrived Spring, fashion will comes towards our mind. How to wear it? What to wear? Which one I need? Do I need to shop? Well, save it later for sales, girls. Let’s just open your closet, and mix and match all your stuff.


Mix and Match 1


Mix and Match 2


Mix and Match 3


Mix and Match 4


Mix and Match 5

Mix and Match which mean we just wear whatever we have in our closet. It’s easy, save time and most important is save your money and even you still stay fabulous and style. So, let’s get started to mix and match! These are my ideas and I can wear it during Spring with style and confidence. 🙂


Mix and Match 6


Mix and Match 7


Mix and Match 8


Mix and Match 9


Mix and Match 10

Enjoy your spring with style. 🙂


Spring season has arrived. As we all know that Spring comes after Winter and before Summer comes.But here in Malaysia,we only have two seasons which is Spring and Summer. So,all over year here,people may wears the only two seasons collection as the geographic of Malaysia is not going to have winter and autumn. So we always have any of those collection of seasons. But different from other country which have four seasons all over the year. So,let’s we take a look on the Spring street fashion of 2013 which we might apply on us and looks fabulous all the time!


Photo source: http://www.wmagazine.com


Photo source: http://www.highsnobiety.com


Photo source: rockandroyalonline.wordpress.com


Photo source: http://www.fashionologie.com

Will upload more the ‘mix and match’ fashion for the Spring season. See ya!

Inspired by Miranda Kerr

Wondering about Miranda Kerr look like? Just watch this video by the greatest Michelle Phan. Totally, you’re going to be Miranda Kerr ‘wannabe’. It’s simple and easy tutorial to make yourself look elegant, feminine, hot and feel sexy.
As we all know that Miranda Kerr is one of the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels from Australia and every girls inspiring her even myself. So, possibly everyone admired on her beauty.

What are you waiting for?This video by Michelle Phan shows the great and easy tutorial to be like Miranda Kerr look-alike.

May you enjoy watching the video and have a superb Miranda Kerr style make-up on yourself,girls!

Video credit : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCU-DY7h8FQ

Video by : Michelle Phan

Trendy Aztec

Aztec as a new trend in fashion nowadays as we all can see. If we can see, todays fashion is more on like zigzag, triangles and rectangle pattern of designs on clothing, bags and even shoes. The Aztec look is so perfect for Spring style. Even just only wearing one of the item with Aztec design, we will feel an uber-cool, exotic trend of style and even street savvy.

Nowadays, everywhere we go, everyone is wearing and styling with Aztec design on the clothing, bags, accessories, shoes and etc. Some people might say the Aztec fashion likes too much but it’s not too much actually. Its just need to wear it in balance and confidence.

Actually, Aztec clothing is the clothing that was worn by the Aztecs, as well as other pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico who shared similar cultures.

Todays world brings Aztec as a new trendy up-to-date fashion with so many designs. These are some fashion in Aztec which bringing the world into a new fashion life with design of shapes and colors.


Photo credit:http://www.polyvore.com/aztec_fashion_lt/set?id=30432536


Gwen Stefani with her aztec fashion outfit during runway show at Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

Photo credit : http://www.starpulse.com

fashion aztec qazaq12qwas1

Photo credit : http://www.thestellarboutique.com


Photo credit : favim.com


Photo credit : http://www.polyvore.com/aztec_fashion_lt/set?id=30432536

Aztec such a new hot fresh on top of fashion nowadays that we can style it everywhere especially on street fashion as it makes us looks cooler and up-to-date. Topshop, Diva, Dorothy Perkins, and so much more of clothing brand also enjoying trend up the Aztec fashion.

So, rock on your Aztec styles, buddies!