Plain public holiday. So what I decided to do is to make an easy bracelet that just only cost me about RM5. Shock right? Originally, I saw this DIY from Pinterest, so I decided to make on my own and share with you guys. I can wear it for summer time,summer time, because I might do it fully colours. As we know that bracelet is sort of accessories for us to add up some colours on our plain outfit maybe. You just can simply make it at homes without spend RM20 and above just only for simply bracelet.


So, these are the stuff that I need for the bracelet DIY. Safety pins, scissor, beads, and string which is elastic so it can fit onto our hands.


The first step you need to do is just put the beads go through the safety pins and locked it.


Next, grab the string and insert it through all the safety pins on the up and bottom.


The last thing is just tied up the strings and finally you made it yours. The beads you can find at any handcrafts shop with so much colours and shape, mine is only unused things which I’ve found at homes so I made it turned to this. Might want to buy more beads and nice colour to make more of this.So,Do It Yourself!:)


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