‘stache is stand for Mustache which is in definition of ‘doctor’ wikipedia is a facial hair grown on the upper lip.It may or may not be accompanied by a type of beard, a facial hair style grown and cropped to cover most of the lower half of the male face.

so,what’s in-thing about stache?

Moustache fashion has come back to our nation. It spread faster and faster all around the world. As males may keep, grow and trim their moustache originally, so do females just only wear the fake moustache for fashion on nowadays in trend. But why moustache right? It appears as a trend in pop culture and its even look cool and fun.

It’s believed that the fake mustache trend originated with hipsters as a way to mock conventional ideals of fashion and style. It’s meant as an ironic piece.

There are a few of fake ‘stache we can wear nowadays as sort of fashion which are:

‘fake moustache’


photo credit:

‘finger moustache’


photo credit:

‘stick moustache’


photo credit:


photo credit:

Even that, did you know that there is a ‘Fake Moustache Day’ which is on February 3rd. So even if you’re not into the whole false ‘stache thing, at least do it on Mustache Day!Its fun to cheer your day!

So,everyone should be able to rock a fake mustache, not just guys who can grow them out originally.Cheers!


“I moustache you a question but I’m shaving it for later”- Sean Connery


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