Hello bloggers! This is first time in my life to write a blog.So I choose to write on about fashion,fashion and FASHION! 

Honestly,its quite tough to create an unique and best words for blog address. Especially as some might want the site titles and web address to be easy to remember for everyone and eye catchy to read on.

Fly Fashion,Fly. Everyone might wonder what’s behind it. Fly in a term as floating through the air with wings and reaching the sky. So how can this relate to fashion? Based on what crossing my mind while grab this word to create my address is, as fly is go beyond, be everywhere, be up, and even reach the top. While fashion is a term of trend and style which consist on how a person dresses to show their style of appearance on. Easy describe, fashion is how i dress up myself to portray my identity and even fashion may show our criteria and behavior as nowadays there are so many outstanding fashion across the world. Hipster, 70’s fashion, and much more.

So, the combination of ‘fly fashion,fly’ is like fashion is everywhere, keep up-to-date and also important to wear depends on place and situation. But still, be amazed makes us feel great!

As we in fashion, we might fly setting our own mood and imagination on how we do the fashion as long as we confident on ourselves.

When girls talk about fashion, its about shoes, clothes, bags, bijou, scarfs, pants, skirts, make-up. Its only how we fashion it on ourselves show the world fashion is passion.

                          “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”-Coco Chanel



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